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About Me




I am very grateful to all the animals and humans who have assisted, enticed, and pushed me into this beautiful world.

Like many Animal Communicators, I didn't realize that I was being taught by one of my own animals, or that I had been 'doing it' for quite awhile.


I knew I was fascinated with the idea that I could know more about the animals I loved and lived with. In some of my researching days in the 90s, I stumbled across the idea of animal communication, learning that I could book an appointment with a human and see what my animals had to say. I was so excited that the two week wait was excruciating and I couldn't sleep the night before.


It was a short session and the conversation was simple but I was elated and transformed. Over the next 15 years I talked with many different animal communicators, and at one point realized I was hearing the same answers to the questions as the communicators themselves.


This led me to classes and workshops, developing my process; but I also recognized that my true teacher had been tutoring me all along: Benjamin Moore, my devoted and humorous cat. I had thought I was just goofing around having fun with him, and I was; and we were communicating. 


Ben left his body in the summer of 2012, but he left me on my path, and lives in my heart, still laughing. 



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