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Winter Classes 2023-2024

Animal Communication Classes 

Class Structure

Both the Basic and Intermediate Animal Communication Courses consist of self-paced audio portions for you to listen to before the live Zoom sessions. Plan at least an hour (three 20-minute audios) for the pre-recorded lecture portion for this Basic Course, as well as time for homework (30 mins) in between the two live classes.


Classes are small (4-5 students) so that you can experience hands-on coaching - that's what makes this so successful. 99% of students are surprised at how well they connect in their first conversations with animals in class. 

What You Will Learn: Basic Course

You'll learn about the process of Animal Communication, finding your own starting point and discovering how you are already doing it. You'll get to experience connecting with animals in a more structured way using this process, and learn how to interpret what you receive.  You'll practice a lot so that you have a basis for doing this on your own afterwards.


Besides a willingness to learn and desire to connect with animals, you'll need to know how to find your own quiet or meditative space.  This can be experience meditating, journaling, any form of practice that has helped you learn to become quiet, focused, and comfortable within your own inner space. 


Upcoming Basic Animal Communication Course  

This course consists of 3 audio lectures that are 20 mins each, plus 2 live zoom classes that are 2 hours each, for a total of 5 hours of study. Note your Course section number when you sign up. 


Section 30: Live Zoom Class dates and times.

Both Part 1 & Part 2 below are part of the Basic Course

Part 1 : Tuesday January 23rd    10 am -12:30 pm EST 

Part 2:  Thursday January 25th  10 am -12:30 pm EST 

Next Intermediate Animal Communication Course  

Complete the Registration Request form and ask to be put on the wait list. You will be notified when we post new dates.

Practice Class

Requirements: Basic Course as a prerequiste, plus a furry friend to bring to class as a practice animal. This is a chance to practice your skills and share your friends with other students.


It's simple: Sign up below and you will receive a confirmation with a reminder of the usual details to email with your animal's updated photo. The deadline for submitting is a week ahead of time: Friday January 19th. We'll have a discussion, choose an animal to connect with in class, and then share results. I'll provide the selection of practice animals a few days ahead of time if you want extra practice opportuinties to work on your own. Don't forget we'll be having fun and learning at the same time!

Section 3: Thursday January 25th  10 am -12:30 pm EST 

How to Sign Up

  1. Note your class section and complete the registration request form below.

  2. I will confirm finalized dates/time and space availability.

  3. Pay your tuition using the payment form below after you receive a personal confirmation email from me.  Payment is required to secure your spot due to the small size of classes

Cancellations beyond 48 hours prior to class will result in a 50% cancellation fee unless I can fill the spot.  

Step 1- Class Registration Request 

Thank You for Submitting!

Wait til available space is confirmed before securing your spot by completing the payment form in Step 2!

Step 2-  Class Payment Form
Select an item ($)

Thank You for Your Payment!

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