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Individual Animal Communication Sessions


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I type out a transcript as I connect with animals. Visuals, sounds and emotions are described, and the transcript is yours to keep and refer to as often as you like in the future. Re-reading the transcript over time will offer deeper meaning, and help reinforce positive behavior shifts.



  1. Complete the Inquiry Form above, and then make Payment below          to secure your session date after we have selected a date.

  2. Clear photos of your animal, at least one with the eyes looking directly    into the camera. I will provide you email or text after we set the session date.   

  3. A thoughtful list of your questions and issues; what you would like your  animal to know using the Preparation Guidelines included in your          Session Confirmation email.

* NOTE: You don't have to be available and the animal only needs its normal routine during the session.  When the session is complete, I email you the transcript.  Included post-session is a 20 minute phone or email conversation for questions, clarifications. We work together to ensure both you and the animal are complete.


Sessions are 1.5 - 2 hours, which allows me to connect deeply with your animal. Often animals send pieces, clues or partial answers. The key to both discovery and healing lies in deciphering what question to ask next, and continuing to follow each fork in the road until a larger picture emerges in a timeless focus. 



Regular Level 1 Sessions

  • Bonding with and knowing your animal on a deeper level

  • Sourcing and releasing root cause of illness and/or deep-seated problematic behavior 

  • Aligning your personal and spiritual growth with your animal's mission and/or desires

  • Animal Opinions and Perspective

  • Household changes and additions: New family members, travel, moves

Level 2 Higher Self/Soul Sessions

Animals live in the 5th Dimension, yet are able to be with us anywhere in order to support us multidimensionally. They can act as bridge, showing us life from a higher level of awareness, and still be your goofy playmate who pretends like she doesn't know where you threw that ball. In these sessions, we reach deeper into the Soul in order to allow them to fulfill their highest life purpose: To help you fulfill yours. 



Other Sessions

Please contact me about Specific Issues when time is of the essence, multi-animal households where everyone needs to be consulted, or where animal input is needed for care decisions.




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