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Most Heartbreaking is that your life is usually
longer than theirs. 

The grief of loss can be overwhelming and chaotic - where to start, how to navigate this. 

Yet you can allow them to give you the gift of greater connection to your own heart as they leave their  physical body. Animals are usually the gift that keeps on giving in life with you, and that part doesn’t have to change.

"Can you still talk to my dog after he passes on?"


As an ordained minister and pet loss grief counselor, I've helped many humans and animals through this shift. Usually the humans need assistance and I connect you to your animal's natural ability to help you in a transition session. This gives them great peace and satisfaction. They were here to help you and are overjoyed to be able to continue in this phase. The first question is usually, "How is (my human) doing?"  We talk about that, and more. 

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It’s quite jarring when they leave even if you have a daily life spiritual focus. Transition sessions satisfy the need to connect and are designed to give both of you support and room to grieve in concert with your animal’s spiritual direction.

There are three levels of working through this while engaged with them through connection.  They all start with a transition session. 

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