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Man and Cat

. . .absorbing worries. . .

"I can not say enough how much Carol's intervention made a difference on my Tina. Tina was 7 years old, and Carol in a first interview discovered that she had stomach and/or intestine problems, due to Tina being very sensitive and being nervous about several things, absorbing worries. During several months Carol continuously talked with Tina, found out in which ways she was a very special female, how she liked to have fun not only for the fun but as a way of prevention and protection from bad things. All that helped me a lot in doing things that would benefit Tina. Carol showed to me how Tina profited from positive thinking in the home, and which special preferences she had for home made food. Tina had a vet, and homeo persons, but Carol's contribution was in my view the most important of all in her improvement to a healthy happy cat as she was before." 


Pet Statue

. . .he's still ready to live on. . .

"Elizabeth has helped my special Brock and I connect on a very deep emotional level. Since the time we rescued Brock we have had many crises and I was concerned that Brock might be running out of his 9 lives. Elizabeth’s communication with Brock showed me that he’s still ready to live on – that he now wants smaller and more frequent meals and just to spend time with me. I am so happy that he wants to continue and I will do my best to make him as comfortable as possible. The question of what Brock wants has now been answered."


Cat Close Up

. . .her need to be the only cat. . .

"Elizabeth has an amazing gift to assist the bridge of communication with your four-legged family member in a way no other animal communicator can. Through Elizabeth, Kiera was able to make me understand her need to be an only cat, to tell me our move to California from NY was the right one for our family and to explain our past history together. Elizabeth's incredible gift gave me insight into a world, that I alone could not access. I am fortunate to have met Elizabeth on so many levels! She is the best!!"


Stories of Testimony

. . .purity, honor, and respect for all. . .

"You ROCK in my world and my unseen world too!! I could never have believed I could feel as much peace and "real Love" as I do now after receiving a session with you, me and with my Horse as a Source. Your gift to weave the information from unseen world, expressing the spiritual qualities were brought forth elegantly, unfolding with purity, honor and respect for all.  I could feel the depth of essence from the words my horse spoke to you for me. This information touched my souls heart and ignited my human heart expanding my life and beyond.  A spring bubbles up from within me, filling me with love, new perceptions and a grander understanding.  I am amazed how the suggestions from this Horse Spirit have worked and shifted my every day to day life into something I had only dreamed of. 

For years Spirit Walker and I struggled to connect, playing off each others energy and at times wanting to give up. Yet a desire so deep was there, unnamed and unformed. After the session I am filled with gratitude for your commitment to do what you do. You assisted in the transformation of my life and relationships, my horses life and the reunion with my Peoples. Elizabeth, your ability as scribe is a beautiful gift, you bring it forward with clarity and grace that can assist others to ground more of themselves into their own day to day life with Nature and the Animal Kingdom... flyers, walkers, slithers, finned and furred. I can't wait to hear what my other animal friends have to share... It is you I will call!"


. . .instrumental. . .

"Carol is amazing. Not only is she able to connect with the animal subject, she is able to have a deep understanding of that soul. She has the unique ability to work with that animals’ expanded soul purpose and what they are doing here on the planet, and how they are helping their people with their lives and their own soul purposes. Isabella, my rescued eastern grey squirrel is not here in my life by accident, she was able to help Isabella share her Divine Light with me, and show me how she is able to expand her energy fields and work with me on higher levels, sharing her heart energy with all she meets. Carol was able to see the much larger picture of why she is here and what an amazing being of light she really is. How incredible to be able to have that knowledge about such a small creature, and how we are all connected.


She was also instrumental in helping and communicating with our beloved Salem, our rescue cat here at the clinic who became gravely ill after being adopted out to his new home. Salem was transmuting a lot of difficult energies and it was manifesting in illness (as many animals do!) and when he knew, through Carol, that we were all here to help him, he was able to fight off the illness and recover. The collective consciousness of the entire office as well as Carol’s energy enabled Salem to have the strength to pull through and continue his life’s work with his new people.


No matter squirrel, fish, horse, cat or dog, animals have such purpose in our lives and are here to help us.If you want to know what the bigger picture is with your pets, and animals that show up in your life, Carol can reveal higher dimensional information that can greatly help in both animal & and human lives. Thank you Carol for all your gifts."


Cat Sunbathing

"I have been having Elizabeth communicate with my kitty Girl Tribe for more than 6 months due to feline urination issues, inter-cat aggression and one of my girls being sick. From the very first communication Elizabeth has been amazing and has given me invaluable insights to how all of my girls are feeling and what’s going on with them. Elizabeth’s style of communication is loving, gentle and wise with a little humor thrown in. If you already love your companion animal you will love him or her 100 times more after Elizabeth talks to him/her. You will learn more personality quirks than you’d ever imagine; you will see your pet through new, wondrous eyes.

Elizabeth is thorough but not pushy with pets who are reluctant to talk or ones that are feeling very down on a particular day. She is truly gifted and I promise you will love her. You will fall in love with your pet all over again.

I have a serious Elizabeth-addiction!"

— KG

Cat Stretching on Sheets

"I was completely amazed at Carol Elizabeth’s ability to communicate with my three cats.  They are fourteen-year-old sisters, and I was concerned about their health, and about recent bouts of dissension among them which they had never engaged in before.  Carol  was able to elicit from them descriptions of possible health issues which I could then address.  She was also able to determine possible causes of the little spats which I had been seeing, and in so doing, helped to allay my concerns about any serious repercussions.  Most fascinating to me was the awareness my cats shared with Carol's about my thoughts and emotions.  Carol’s transcripts of her communications with my cats were extraordinarily revealing and humorous at the same time.  She is blessed with a truly precious gift that can vastly enrich the relationship between animals and their humans."

— JS

. . .the gift and skills to make real connections. . .

"I cannot thank you enough for the sessions you did with my cats. It is such a joy to know what my babies want to say to me and how they are feeling. You helped our Noodle talk to us and explain why he did some of the things he did like chewing on our blinds and biting me. With your help and communication he actually stopped a lot of unacceptable behaviors. Finding out what his life mission is with us was so valuable and a blessing beyond words. Talking to him after he passed was a huge comfort.


You truly have the skills and gift to make real connections, I have no doubts at all whether your connections with my cats were real or not, I know they were.


I also love that you email the transcripts of your sessions. I keep and reread them often." 


. . .Mr. Moon and Mojo. . .

"I wish I had known about Carol Elizabeth years ago. Her insightful conversations with Mr. Moon and Mojo, my cats, have been invaluable in helping me make important health, and life, decisions for my guys. Mr. Moon was facing life-threatening cancer and possible amputation of one leg. She was able to find out how Mr. Moon felt, both physically and emotionally, about his situation. Knowing that Mr. Moon wanted to get rid of his "problem" made it easier for me to make the difficult decision to amputate.


It was obvious to me, by changes in their behavior or demeanor, that Mr. Moon and Mojo had really listened  and "opened up" during their chats. Mojo stopped over-grooming his belly after getting some things "off his chest" when talking to Carol Elizabeth, and Moon really doesn't seem unhappy after the surgery. He's actually doing very well.

The transcripts of the conversations are an added bonus. I refer to them often to remind me of what the boys said and to delight in their sweet personalities manifested in a language I can actually understand!


Carol Elizabeth is truly a gifted communicator, both with animals and their humans!"


Cat on a table

"Elizabeth has an extraordinary gift and we are so fortunate that she is willing to share it. She has helped me help my cats several times. My crew are all abandoned cats so I have no history to explain their behavior. For example, Mr. Squeaks gets very upset any time a voice is raised whether in anger or happiness. He gets anxious and cries a lot. Elizabeth told me he was living with several young people when his care giver had a fight with her boyfriend. The boy friend snatched up Mr. Squeaks and dropped him off in the country. So any sign of loud talking makes him fear what might happen next. He is well assured this is his forever home.


Elizabeth’s most help was with my orange tabby Tiger. Tiger was old and nearing his end. When he had a massive stroke where nothing would move, I asked her to talk to him. He said his body was broken and wouldn’t work for him anymore. Tiger asked for our help and we sadly obliged. For once I was able to help a kitty cross and not wonder if I did the right thing. The grief was still there but the responsibility of my decision was lifted off my shoulders. Being able to communicate with my kitties gives us another dimension to our lives together."

— RJ

Feline Friend

"With Carol Elizabeth's assistance, through her amazing gifts of animal communication, my Enchanted Garden has come to life and has been elevated to even higher levels of love, light, peace, joy, healing, and hope.


Each of my 10 feline associates (assistants) has an amazing mission to accomplish...from anchoring the divine feminine, to raising human consciousness to the level of Oneness, to shifting the old male paradigm of power and entitlement, to healing Earth/Gaia's deep wounds through the power of love, to helping us see that there are no lesser beings. 


The animal kingdom agreed to support humans on their journey into the Darkness and back into the Light.  Our friends have a voice, a mission, and a message.  Carol is the key that unlocks the door to the wisdom of the animals and their deep love for us."

— LP

. . .I'm so grateful to Carol for her gifts. . .

"I heard about Carol Long through a friend who thought she may be able to solve some behavioral issues with my deaf English bulldog. Oscar was not yet potty trained at 2 years old, barked ferociously at cars while riding in the car, and tried to chase cars, runners and bikers.

Carol was able to discover that this was Oscar's first life time as a dog! He had been a cow many times, (an incarnation he loved!) a hedgehog, and many lifetimes as a pig. (If you see Oscar, he looks like a cow/pig!) He did not understand that he needed to go outside to potty, and that he needed to ask me to go outside. Carol was able to reach him on a level he understood that benefited me as well, and help him learn to tell me when he needed to go outside by sitting near the door and making a noise that I could hear.  Almost immediately, he was able to do this.

The barking in the car also stopped immediately when she explained to him that it was dangerous for him to bark so loudly in the car and his voice was very loud, hurting my ears. 

Chasing moving objects, Oscar exclaimed, “But I know I can catch them!” He needed to be told that it was very dangerous for him to be barking and lunging at moving things. This also got better. (We need a tune up on this one!)

I also had been feeding an orange tabby cat in my garage for over a year. I had Carol ask Cheddar if he would be interested in moving into my house. He asked, “Will she still feed me?” When Carol assured him that I would, she then explained to him that the way to make that happen was to be caught in the trap. (She did not use the “trap” word.) Then he would experience some time that would be a little scary and uncomfortable, but would ultimately it would be a happy entrance into my home. This finally happened. He had bite marks from tom fighting, was covered in ticks, and was sick. He spent three weeks being still and recuperating. He was able to enter my home and share it with Oscar and me. It turned out that he is also diabetic, but after the right treatment and nutrition, his coat is now shiny, he's beginning to gain weight and he is a purring machine!

I'm so grateful to Carol for her gifts and will call on her again for her wisdom and guidance. When you can talk to your pets, they have so much to say! Oscar is super smart and funny! She was able to solve behavioral problems that the $1600 pet trainer was unable to solve. It is a joy to have this gift through Carol. I highly recommend her."


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