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Collaborative Growth
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Coaching and Mentoring Programs for growing all aspects of your relationship,  created for you in collaboration with the animals.

Peaceful Lake View

A new way to enjoy a deeper working relationship through individually tailored growth for you and your animal! 

 Don't they already rule your life?

And wouldn't you enjoy more through that delicious channel of love?

Four Levels of Learning through Coaching and Mentoring are available. 

Experiencing more Discerning Guidance through mining the nuances and details of what they wish for you in the intimacy of your relationship is the next natural step.


Each session I watch animals bring forth copious amounts of packed information for the benefit of themselves and their humans, yet most of the time we as humans can only absorb and integrate 30-40% of what is presented into our lives. We don’t use nearly all of it, and what we arbitrarily miss ends up on the cutting room floor. 

They talk about a lot of things you may not be sure about, or may not have even heard of. I can help  you catch up with them. Decades of visual language and metaphysical studies allow me to be aligned with much of what they naturally know. 

Each session includes 4 weeks of growth-based guided discovery based on the what is brought forth during the monthly session with your animal. New portions of the session are brought into focus over the first 3 weeks.  The 4th week is reserved for reflection, allowing observations and suggestions regarding questions for the next session.  


 During the post-session calls we'll collaboratively identify main areas of potential in order to discover specifics to work with.  We'll highlight sections that support these from the monthly talk, breaking them down into focus areas of exploration each of the first 3 weeks.

Program Structure

What does it include?

1. An Animal Communication session every 4 weeks 

2. A 45-60 min post-session call

3. An interactive shared journal for focusing on growth or exploration areas outlined in the monthly post-session call

4. Feedback and  directional guidance from me and for 3x weekly written interaction through our journal portal.  

    What are some of the benefits?

This is for you if:


* Our post-recap half hours seem short; like there’s so much more to talk about!


* You are amazed and even somewhat overwhelmed at all the information your animal has given  you.


* You find yourself  often wishing you could hear more about the details of how your animal presented messages and answered questions.


* Your animal seems committed to making a behavior or health shift, but wants YOU to change something as well.


* When you go to write your questions for the next session, many are about what they said in the last session.


* You get the messages and requests, but wonder if you’re responding in a way that works for them.


* You’d really like some help following through with what comes up in the session. 


* You love how much closer you and your animal feel after a session and really want more of this deliciousness.


* You consider your relationship with your animal a very top priority in your life. 

* You want more well-beingness for yourself and your animal, and support with that sounds like a great idea.


Sign up or ask questions below. Move through your curiosity and into experiencing how much more animal magic you can allow into your life! 

Level One Coaching and Mentoring

Payment options: $2400 for 12 weeks or $825 every 4 weeks

Due to the time and space limits, I will only be able to accommodate a small number of students into this program alongside my regular practice, so if you’re interested, please contact me soon to inquire about it.

Make your payment here for a 3 month
Soul AlignmentCoaching Program

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