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Human and Animal Transformation through Communication

I have been engaged in interspecies translation all my life and professionally communicating with animals for over ten years. I love helping humans discover more of who their animals really are. During our conversations many emerge from their disguise as an ordinary house cat or canine companion, revealing themselves as the Great Beings they truly are.
You'll find communication sessions, classes, and several levels of coaching available here. I offer all of these services to help you enjoy your relationships with our animal friends, who ultimately just want you to live your best life with them.

Introducing my new book written with Miley the dog, one of my many wonderful furry clients. "369 Manifestation Journal", is  co-authored with Miley's human, Lisa Peachey!


This is a daily journal and creative workbook we created with Miley for helping humans to have more of what they want in life. If you enjoy both insights from animals and creative play as a way to draw more of that into your own life, you'll love this book.


Look forward to our upcoming companion book with the backstory on how conversing with Miley led Lisa and her husband into a consciousness expansion that they were only just beginning to discover. Sound familiar? I know many of you have enjoyed similar experiences with your own wise animal friends.

"I don't even know what to say or how to thank you for talking to my dog Troy- what a gift and you're the perfect person to have this gift. That was amazing. Cried and cried but so happy."

-BB, Human

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"There are no lesser beings..."

- Maggy, Feline



Interview w/ Carol Elizabeth Longby Kerri Gawyrn

"The animal kingdom agreed to support humans on their journey into the Darkness and back into the Light.  Our friends have a voice, a mission, and a message.  Carol Elizabeth is the key that unlocks the door to the wisdom of the animals and their deep love for us."

-LP, Human


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