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Stellar Assist

One of biggest things we humans are exploring now is how animals support us in so many different ways. Seeing a service dog always brings a smile to my face – and not just because dogs are some of the most humorous Beings around. They look at me with their special vests wrapped around their torsos and say, “See? I’m REALLY doing it!!” They seem so joyful and satisfied with fulfilling their roles.

I got a face-full of ‘This is how we do it” help from my kitty Stella just last week. It was such a beautiful way that she helped me out in a pinch that I had to share my process in receiving help:

I was getting ready to fly cross country to empty a storage unit from my time living on the west coast. Many events had transpired since I was last there and gee, where did I stash the keys? I spent the week before searching everywhere of course. There was a lot of back and forth with the storage company involving getting in without the keys. Keys would just be MUCH easier.

No keys anywhere. I made an appointment with the locksmith. But I woke up the morning I needed to get to the airport with a new energy around the idea that I could find the keys. (I expanded the field of all possibilities). I once again ran through all the places I knew to look, and then forgot about it. (I released the outcome). A half hour before I had to be out the door I was still throwing last minute stuff from my closet into my suitcase. I noticed a box had been turned over onto the closet floor – I’d heard Stella playing in there a minute before and then a noise. As soon as I saw the box I knew: Stella knocked that box over because the keys are in there and I’d forgotten to look there. I pulled the box upright, reached around inside and sure nuff- there were those keys! After my hysterical laughing and whooping celebration, which cats never seem to fully appreciate – ears back, why are you making such weird loud noises - I looked at Stella to thank her. She was appreciative, but almost indignant: “Well, of COURSE I’m going to help! That’s what we do!”

If you need more help from your friends in other–type bodies, just ask, get into a space where you can let it happen, and don’t worry about HOW they’re gonna do it – that’s their job.

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