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Batman's Journey to Fetch Enlightenment and Healing for his Humans

Sure, Batman got lost when he bolted out the door of one of his human’s homes, soon after he’d arrived back from a stay with another family member, and right before they were moving to a new home. I don’t do lost animal work; I get way too emotionally involved. But his humans needed help, and I’ve talked to Batman for several years, and I wanted him home. At first I couldn’t connect very well with him, I feared he was moving out of his body, but a few days later after a couple of students connected with him, that same night he felt clear for the first time and showed me: “I almost got EATEN!’” He’d escaped the predator and ran right into the edge of a culvert, bonked his head and gave himself a he’d lain in a culvert for a couple of days….

Upon return he also told me that he’d visited the Faerie Realm, twice, in order to ask for help for his human family. The characters in this story are Batman, his adopted mom Bear the black lab, and the resident cats Miles & Rosie at the house where has lived the longest. His human family included a knowing Matriarch, Bernadene and her twinkling twin granddaughters.

Where did Batman really go and what was he up to? His journey loops around through time and space and I didn’t know where to start; this is not a linear time story. In speaking to Batman shortly after he was reunited, he told me a little about his travels:

B: I am happy to be home but my, what a family I have!

C: Please tell me about them, as you feel now, Batman.

B: They are a tribe from the Faerie Realm - it’s another place and I don’t think you know very much about them as humans. I went to see them. I thought they could help my family, as they are connected (he is showing me this). Big ones, the human-sized Fae. My humans are a little bit Fae. Bear (the black lab) knows this.

C: So how did that work out, visiting that other world?

B: (he makes another sigh - he’s tired/relieved, has let go of a certain tightness that he has held because he knows he’s safe now, from what I can tell) It’s complex. Do you really want to know?

C: Yes. Maybe we can start here, Bernadene would like to know: “I am curious if Bat was really here(visiting during his absence), which I believe he was, did something happen that confused him to stay, or was he just not finished with his walk about and drifted further away. If there is something uncomfortable here, he can tell us.”

B: I was there. I went through a couple of dimensional doorways - that’s how you have to go, to get to the Fae Realm. But I went in one door and out another, so where I went in, was far away from where I came out again. It was confusing except I finally landed where a nice lady who probably never met a Fae in her life til she met me, fed me. I went in and out twice. There’s a door to the Faerie Realm in the canyon(near Bernadene’s house). When you beat the gong, it opens. Or make noise like that, some kind of noise.

And there’s another door closer to where I lay in the culvert, and where I was found(he showed me). But I could not make you a map. I’m not sure I could even find it again. Do you know there are underground tunnels that run all up and down near the ocean here? I had to remember hard how to focus on the heart of the Fae in order to be drawn there and not get lost.

C: Thank you for telling us about that, Batman. I was wondering if other dimensional doors played a role in your travels. Do you know how long you were gone when you traveled there?

B: Which timeline?

C: Uh, human, your family’s timeline.

B: Less than a day.

C: Did that translate into spending a lot of time on the Fae timeline?

B: They don’t really have one - I could be there forever and gone only a day here.

C: Alright, that makes sense. Bernadene would like to know why you didn’t stay when you visited her home a couple of nights?

B: I wasn’t done yet.

C: What did you do?

B: I asked for help in harmonizing the people in my family. They are from the Fae, and it is hard for them to be human sometimes. They get really spooled out trying (he shows me a human unraveling). I did not want any spooling.

C: Did the Fae say they would help?

B: Of course. They would not say No, as they are you (to you, his family), and you are they. But humans don’t know this. I knew this however, so once I woke up from getting lost, and found myself free, I realized I needed to grow and become who I am. I told you all about this (he kinda frowns at me indicating our philosophical conversations while he was lost).

C: You did, sorry, it’s coming back to me now, Batman.

B: So part of being grown up is doing what you need to do to help the ones you love, even if it seems like what you are doing is weird. So I did it. (he leans in) Did it help?

C: I can feel it in my heart, Batman, and it feels amazing, what your re-appearance brings. I don’t know what that looks like in the lives of your family, but maybe they will tell you and thank you for getting the kind of assistance that is native to each of them, for them.

B: Well I tried and I’m done for now. Where are Miles and Rosie? I’d like to go inform them of a thing or two that I learned. They kept butting in sending me messages on my trip.

C: Oh really?

B: ‘Are you done yet? Come home! The humans are really upset. They think a raccoon ate you and are catching them!’ Blah blah blah. Seriously, I would like to see them. They will yell at me for sure.

C: For sure. Bernadene worried that Miles and Rosie pushed you away.

B: No they yelled at me not to go, to stay, that the humans were worried. But then they had a lot to say to me, and I was not done.

C: Thank you for telling us about this even though you are tired. I’m so curious - why did you go twice?

B: I didn’t think the humans were getting the message the first time.

C: Ok. You didn’t want to let us know what you were up to other than being on walkabout, or going on a spiritual journey?

B: That’s what I did. But you don’t boast about it unless you are successful.

C: I see. That’s a rule of the wild.

B: And the Fae.

During the 4 ½ months between the night of his disappearance and the day he was found, some students and I and Bernadene communicated with him frequently. We used maps and dousing while the twins searched after work every day looking for him, calling him. Bernadene also rang a gong through the canyons surrounding her home.

He said he wanted to go home, and he said he visited Bernadene’s and ate a couple of times; there were fuzzy cam pics...was that Batman or Raccoon? It was less than 2 miles from where he disappeared...but if he had traveled inter-dimensionally, that is where I got lost in time and space trying to follow his journey with my rational mind.

One student reported that it was like he was describing living in the wild surviving within the food chain, but he was really right near town and people were feeding him. He repeatedly told me about the food chain, and about his own spiritual journey. He always said he wanted to come home, but I could feel a call tugging his heart. That same student agreed with me that he seemed to really like all of us thinking about him, meditating and talking to him; he loved that type of attention but he wasn’t ready to go home.

Did he know how to get home? He’d recently had 3 homes in the general area, one with each of the twins, and one with Bernadene. Her two kitties, Miles and Rosie, were terribly antsy looking for him, marking the property. Raccoons and skunks came for the food that was left out for him and had to be trapped and relocated. Miles and Rosie also didn’t want to use the litter box in the house and Miles was cross at times, upset with Batman for worrying the humans.

During his absence his humans begin to shift - to grow. I felt their energies expand and their hearts open. Growth expands exponentially as more of us participate in that with each other, and more issues surfaced for understanding and release. In the last couple of communications I had with Batman, he seemed satisfied to be where he was; he was ‘doing something’. I felt he would eventually return, maybe in the fall, maybe years later. We left him in peace though our hearts never wandered far from wondering about his.

A week ago I got a call while out on my bike - Mercury had gone direct and a woman who had been ‘feeding him the whole time’, had finally made contact through lost animal boards with one of the twins. He had a foxtail embedded next to his eye, and was really thin in the fuzzy pictures, but that was undeniably Batman’s funny mustache. The twins raced over to pick him up while I wondered - would he come to them? Batman always played by his own rules, 'I won’t be petted inside...but outside is ok'. But he came right to one of the twins after they arrived at the house at the time he had been showing up daily for food.

Batman is different now. He is humble, allows himself to be petted inside. His family is moving into new discoveries as well. That incredibly magnificent healing energy I felt when heard that he was home keeps expanding.

Miles was a little less impressed upon his return. We spoke, and he had been confrontational. I think Bernadene explained Batman’s adventure best in her firm message for him:

C: Miles, your mom says to you: “Batman is apologizing the only way he can now by being respectful, and quiet and not being aggressive, or invasive. Do not expect him to hang his head down and tell you he is sorry, he was called to do something very different and dangerous to bring healing information to our family, including you, if you will only stop and let him share his messages. I accept his apology.” Miles, can you accept his apology?

M: Well not yet.

C: (I’m quiet)

M: Well I’m not ready to.

C: (quiet)

M: Ok I will. I’ll accept it tomorrow.

C: (holding the silence)

M: Alright I accept your apology Batman.

Miles is a straight-ahead Earthy guy-kitty, a tad stubborn but he is devoted to his mom and protecting his home. This was difficult for him, but when I read Bernadene's message to him from the east coast, at that same moment he laid down at her feet on the west coast, and stopped flicking his tail.

Batman is home. The twins have settled into new homes, Batman’s adoptive mother, Bear, is straining at the leash with her own interior reverberations of old behavior patterns. But aren’t we all? Did this last Solstice grind a path through your awareness that ruptured with light? It’s pretty bright here, and there’s no fighting the light when it comes pouring in, illuminating areas of potential for greater freedom.

Batman’s adventure remains unfinished and in a sense, that is part of his point: Life and growth are ongoing. You’re never really done with one. Or the other. And if you love animals and the Earth, and being human confuses you sometimes, consider, maybe you’re a little bit Fae. Ask them for help. And if you need to ask twice, it’s ok.

I hope you all have a happy 4th, and enjoy the bright lights if you see fireworks. Smile. Batman is home.


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