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The Fae

Photo: Kerri Gawryn

About The Fae: What I have learned from Animals and Others and the Fae themselves

Background: The Fae are a lifeform that inhabits Earth, sharing the same physical world and geography, but in a dimension different from where humans live. Prior to the fall of Atlantis we shared the same dimension, interacting openly; but because of the destruction that occurred at that time they separated from humans, moving into another dimension.

From that time until today, humans have held memories and knowledge of Fae in the collective unconscious. But our conscious understanding and experiences with them have occurred mostly in a nebulous, illusional manner. That’s partly because the Fae love to play with illusion. The development of their creation skills has surpassed ours in certain areas to a point where what they are able to do can look like stage magic to us. Their emotions run strong and they express them with creative action - anger a Faerie, and you may find your own consciousness in a toadstool form. You’ll have to wait for them to cool down before they hit ‘undo’.

Most humans don’t experience this in their encounters with the Fae. Our usual experience runs more along the lines of beginning to understand inter-dimensional sight because that is what is usually happening, especially at first. The biggest misunderstanding we have is that Faeries are small, tiny little creatures. They only look that way to us because we are seeing through dimensional walls… and it kinda looks like what we see when we look through the wrong end of a set of binoculars: Very far away, small. A collective belief has developed among humans supporting this expectation.

Once you as human enter their dimensional realm, if you do, you begin to see them as normal human-sized Beings. Visually the JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings depiction of The Elves matches what you might initially see. But the Fae are excellent shape-shifters and enjoy that as sport, so what you might see is really wide open.

The Fae like to have fun. They love parties, singing, dancing, playing jokes on each other. Humor is a high art. With their shapeshifting and reality creation abilities, storytelling becomes three dimensional, stage drama mixed with magic. They love to create beauty as well and are quite passionate in their expressions of creativity in form as well as emotion.

There is great joy, reverence for nature and appreciation of the Earth as a living Being in the world of the Fae. They are collectively quite disgusted with how many humans have lost the thread of this type of relationship with the Earth.

Experiences with the Fae are wide-ranging, but if you’ve found yourself drawn to parties, festivals, celebrations or masquerades, you may have encountered some of their energy as those are types of creativity and fun to which they are drawn in our human realm. But you’ll also find them in nature, particularly places of ley line intersection or prominence and portals. These are places of great physical and energetic beauty where the Earth loves herself very much and it shows.

The Fae are very creative and dramatic with their expressions and socializing but they have a keen discernment of truth and integrity. Their perception of that is a little bit different than these words describe, but this is as close as I can come right now in terms of translation or explanation. It is perfectly acceptable, admired and even sport to spoof for fun and games but deception for personal gain is entirely unacceptable. That line can seem fuzzy to humans but the Fae hold it in sharp definition. Their code of ethics or behavior is different from ours, and most of the tales of evil or bad Faeries originate from humans misunderstanding this code while crossing through portals into their realm. Their perception can be that we are misbehaving if we are interacting with one of them from a normal human focus on Self. So if we are spending time, dallying (a very Fae word) near a portal or moving into their realm, then we are subject to their interpretations of behavior, intention or law.

Usually if we have found our way into their world we have an innate or developed understanding of this, and our respect then holds us in alignment with their values.

Many animals, especially cats, talk to us about the realm of the Fae. It seems common for them to spend time there before or after spending time in our world. Many animals will visit the Fae and return, reporting this casually or matter-of-fact. Cats tend to visit, more likely to time travel and enjoy stopovers; dogs tend to stay, as most but not all dogs express more literally. In other words they really like it there. The Fae are very present and nearly always live in present time.

The advice to know yourself and to be aware of your own delusions, illusions, misconceptions and un/subconscious operations; is what has been generally suggested as a guideline through the centuries since the dimensional separation for humans, in any encounters with the Fae. These are also excellent guidelines for enjoying a healthier, more balanced relationship with animals, and enable clearer human/animal communication as well.

What is our attraction to the Fae beyond curiosity? Most humans tend to bring back an energy of their experience rather than linear descriptions in word form, returning ‘changed’, if they return. And that’s also mostly an individual thing, for now. So your experience is up to you. The attraction to the Fae can be extremely strong, almost with an addictive pull, and that also functions as a projected attraction to your own Soul Alignment. There is a general understanding that when humans bring their relationship back into balance with the Earth, there will be more and more opportunities to openly interact with the Fae. I look forward to this, and am offering this short history and context in hopes that you never find yourself viewing the forest floor from the level of a toadstool.... unless that's what you want.


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