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Collective Voice of the Animals & the Earth Fall 2021

I call the Collective Voice of the Animals with the Elementals and the Earth herself…

CVA: Hello we are here for you today, and for all those who read these words. If you sit with us, as you are now, at any time now or in the future, we know who you are by the magnetic energy that flows into the Earth, as we feel you, you are grounded that way. We also enjoy the electronic current of your thoughts, and feel the pulse of your power as these two elements mix and form the unique vibration of who you are. We know. (Warmth) And when your foot hits the ground, we feel all of this wrapped together, so if you bundle in your intention for our relationship, it will transmit as well, and we will grow it with you. In this way, you are much more powerful than you know. There are so many of you who wish to change things, to assist, to ‘leave this world a better place’. The greatest practical assistance that you can give to humanity is to help you become more comfortable in your own skin, and We, we can do that with greater connection. We are all about practicality. (they are showing me the economy of the food chain - in a sense, nothing is wasted, lost).

CEL: Thank you. This literally warms my heart and wraps around my body bringing comfort, just now. I do have some questions from those I work with. The humans, anyway.

CVA: Please.

CEL: “Do you experience the shifting collective emotions/tensions of humans?” I realize today, the CVA is nestled into the energy of the earth, much as I described feeling that warmth around my own body, so the question was addressed to the Animals, yet please answer as a greater collective if you wish.

CVA: It is the interface of the Elementals that you feel, and that draws the animals closer today. It pulses to maximum at the 4 peak turnings of your seasons that you know of (Solstices/Equinoxes). First, as the Earth, Absolutely. Much of our process to balance those emotions is intertwined with our process to purify or cleanse, sort energies that diminish our flourishing. You might call some of this Earth changes, or even weather, as the expelled or end product.

Second response, as wild and/or domestic? Domestic animals sometimes suffer more greatly from the toxicity of human emotions in attempts to assist, than they suffer in other ways through their association with humans. There is no judgement here, please. Humans look first to perceived ramifications of judgment, many times, missing more useful information. And there is no judgment here (smiles), either.

Wild animals intentionally repel or move away from the tension type emotions of humans. It is part of why you classify them as ‘wild’. It is you who are wild with these distortions, from our perspective. There was a time in the early development of Earth during survival periods that humans and ‘wild’ animals experienced a collectiveness, as they shared similar energy within the food chain and survival. There was open communication between the ‘wild’ animals and humans that would surprise you as today’s humans. It was practical in nature. This open communication is what led to domestic animals as a separate classification - they were the ones who moved closer to humans in shared space, both psychologically, functionally and physically.

Many of you have experienced sitting near a wild animal or bird or other creature with wonder and joy in your heart - which is more attractive to the squirrel in the park than the food you offer with your hand. The squirrel sees a human without that tension, first and foremost, and automatically moves a little closer. See what happens if you lean into feeling a sense of success or failure on your part she does not accept the food easily? That feeling will push her way, watch it.

C: The followup question is, “Do you go into anxiety when we feel anxiety or are you able to hold your space?”

CVA: We do not feel it as anxiety; only the domestic mirrors that to the human. But it is not a beneficial energy, so we as the Earth, seek to transmute it - we will reach for it. That is one reason why a walk in nature is a quick fix for you many times. We do not seek especially to benefit you; but we do seek to transmute that energy as efficiently as possible, so that innate functionality has a very positive effect upon you.

What you present is a challenge for many domestic animals, some have learned they cannot help their humans, and those of us who are in that perspective, will hold our space. However most of us as domestic will seek to help, you understand. That is usually part of our job. Our job, generically as domestic, is to assist humanity. There are many ways to do this, we find, but this has become the most common.

CEL: My experience is it can be disruptive, both initially as a negative experience for both human and animal, and then when discovered and processed, it can be an extremely positive experience and great assistance to humans in their own growth.

CVA: Yes.

CEL: Yes. (I send humor) There is another followup question asking how we can avoid transmitting hard-edged emotions or anxiety to our domestic animal companions: “I have a lot of concern about how when I am not in balance that I throw my animals off balance and it affects them. How can we each better hold our space and stay out of the collective fears?”

CVA: Well that is a choice, for you as human. Yes you can weave I can/I can’t into the choice, but it is a simple choice, that once made, grows into a reality. If you doubt it, it dissolves the choice, you see. You wobble, and it unravels. Note that the concern about what you might or might not transmit, increases what you do transmit by a large factor. So, practically, dismiss the concern, doubt and wobble, and make your choice, then know that you are growing into your intention. There.

CEL: Thank you. That was well-put advice to humans. Another question, “What are animals collectively working toward or creating as this transition progresses? And what is hoped to be achieved at the end of it?”

CVA: There is no foreseeable end; the transition process that we see as what you refer to, dimensional progression, is ongoing. The difference in your experience of animals and the Earth, is likely not what you expect. Yes many of us are leaving, but have you noticed who is arriving? Many new species are here, with programs running in configurations that will match a higher dimensional experience of a new Earth. We are aligned with the Earth in this process, as we, in body and animal spirit form, are part of the Earth.

There are many here, who are aligned with other helper energies, and you experience this collective as ‘a dog’, say. Yet that is a very complex dog, if you were to unravel its nature. It does not matter to us, however, you see. You are seeing more of that type of collective alignment with different spiritual energetic beings who have an affinity with, and purpose for, incarnating into a specific species. In their experiences together out of physical form, they simply intend to join through incarnation, in an as above, so below configuration. This is where humans bump up against limited experience with collectivity, or shared consciousness. We are introducing that to you.

CEL: Thank you. “What do animals sense and know about time and are they experiencing changes in time?”

CVA: We live in the present moment, or extend into circular time with you, if domestic. We do not experience linear time unless asked to join you there. Your sense of time is moving into our native sense of time, which is less aligned with a timeline. Whenever you can choose a present time experience, that will be a beneficial choice for you in all directions. You maintain your body more efficiently, with less anxiety, and you manage yourself more coherently from a focal point in present time.

CEL: A last question regarding change: “What do the animals experience as changes, now?”

CVA: There are many changes, as many as are happening with you, across this process of dimensional shift. Like you, we experience rapid loss of memory of ‘how it used to be’, or the past. This is normal for us as we live in the present. As you move more into living in present time, loosening your hold on your past, reeling the sense of hope that you place in the future into the now, you move all of that energy expended and power into the present moment, and our experience with you is richer, there, as there is more of you to be with, in the now moment. That is a remarkable change, from our perspective, and enjoyable.

CEL: Thank you so much. Do you have anything else as the Earth or the Collective Voice of the Animals, you’d wish to say now?

CVA: We have said it - there is an invitation through what we have presented, to join us more richly.

CEL: Then thank you, very much appreciated. I will step back now.


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