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Feline Wisdom: Music, Color and Accumulation of Time on Earth

Note: This is a session between me as Elizabeth, and human Alina, her felines: Max in body, and Tina, now in spirit. It’s long. Editing was challenging as there was so much information on the beauty of aging, the role of music and color. Make a cup of tea and enjoy.

M: I am very pleased to be here. I miss Tina, I do, as my sister and in our family. I see her sparkle everywhere (he shows me that Tina was able to refract light with rippling emotions, especially her joy and delight, through her energy body as vibrations; those vibrational frequencies would catch light and create sparkles, colors, waves that he could see).

My body is changing; a part of me knows I’m old but a part of me knows this is an opportunity to expand more of my greater self into my body here, with Tina’s energy able to act as a bridge to the bigger energetic me.

Anila is open now, more open. She has dropped some lower energies that she was entangled in, that were holding her back, and is operating more from her heart. She lets her brain that is in her heart start her conversations and have more space to include wisdom in both words to others and her own decisions and thoughts about herself. It is a great wisdom growing inside both of us. We are sharing this shift, and letting go of any lower mind objections regarding beliefs that might limit our expansion.

(he looks down at his paws, kind of clears his throat, makes a gesture and looks up) In a sense, there was a perfection in Tina’s departure, because, well... Tina had a sovereign perfection that rarely exists. She grew into it, has a large connection to the music of the spheres. She understood how music is the most basic, universal and pure language that is closest to Source. It is based on harmonic vibrational frequencies and math. Those who play music and feel the rhythm move through their bodies as humans, or as animals; well it can be the most healing process that is allowed into the three dimensional or 4,5 dimensional Earth plane, you see.

It can only do this if there is a wisdom of acceptance of the ripples of the sound, the harmonies, the dissonance, the rhythm…all of this must be accepted into the body through the heart. Tina acted as a transmitter for you, as a teacher, a healing node tuned to perfection just for us. So you became more, and I am becoming more, and we are becoming wiser, more attuned, more filled with the wonder of life, the awe of the aliveness of the wind, the sun, the smell of the Earth, together. Tina lived for being in such close alignment with the Elementals, you see. That you put yourself together and found this home for us where we could go outside; allowed her to elevate her mission.

(Max shows me he holds a new level of integrity, respect and reverence for himself, Tina, for you, Alina, for all life)

E: Would you like to hear from Anila, and call Tina in today, now?

T: I am here! I am always here. I am considerate, without intruding or interrupting too much, but I am here and in love with the Earth and our lives, still. I am integrating much of my life, you know?

E: Thank you, Tina. And from Anila, “I will tell you both that in about an hour, musician friends will come to the house and join Anila in playing - important for you to know, Max.”

T: I like that. I can experience more of what I loved so much now, through Max, so Max do not run and hide, please!

M: They must play well or I will be offended in my body, you see.

E: Anila says, “I am in a much more stable situation now than a month ago. Tina’s transition contributed to me having a pretty unstable time. We grow and we learn to be happy with what we have in this moment.”

M: (he turns to Tina) Do you remember our little spats of life, Tina?

T: (she sends bells of laughter) Yes! They were delightful!

M: They were annoying at the time, but now with a wider perspective, I see how they were the minor notes that created a larger, more beautiful and unique song. I understand.

T: I always understood. Your paws sink deeper into the Earth than mine ever did. Yet I appreciated your groundedness, and your calming ability to share that with Alina and myself.

E: Anila continues, “I have plenty to be happy about. The wonderful life with Max and Tina, now with Max now; and Tina’s presence in her spirit form, my family, and some friends.

M: What you describe, is a container which allows you a great breadth of expansion of spirit. You can focus on it and be amazed at what you are able to conceive of in your imagination, what you will be able to see in life, and you will know that this is not available to those who have not weathered years on Earth. It is true wisdom. You never gave up on your Spirit, you always felt and still feel the draw of your own Soul (he stops, smiles, relaxes). I feel that too, for myself. Thank you for traveling this path with me now.

E: “I am happy, playing in a quartet, plus work is going nicely even at this old age of mine. We love; having losses is part of loving.”

T: Do you see how beautiful you are? I do! Max does too now that his vision is becoming more inner sight.

M: I knew, always. I just understand more, now. (To Alina) We are partners on many levels, now. (he shows me a large partnership, one wide brushstroke across a canvas, which is growing even wider, more complex with many colors, layers and areas emerging in different depths, waves of line. I watch him transform it into sheet music). And we each have a greater balance of our own feminine/masculine energies within, and with each other.

T: (Also to Alina) Do you see how fun is different, now? I see you feeling a deeper joy, a greater satisfaction within your life. I think you don’t feel like you are on the edge of making mistakes anymore! I see you having more confidence with your decisions, like your traveling, and trusting that all will be well.

E: “Max, my main question today is what can we do to be better and happier in our present life?

M: Well, everything I have been speaking about is part of the process of becoming wiser and more expansive as we grow older. Many humans fear their brains will shrink and not work as well, and I am showing you the opposite can be true.

The fears of dementia have a greater role in allowing the brain to turn off or turn away from daily life than humans think. In a sense this is true of everything: You worry about it, focus your attention on something with anxiety or fear, and then there it is - it has come to see you, to answer your energy call, make itself available in your life. So don’t do that, and don’t accept suggestions that hint at that even in speculation, from anyone else.

The place where I see us going is where many older humans sit and wonder, but do not really speak to others, almost superstitiously keep this to themselves: “Hm. I’m smarter, quicker, wiser, have more depth of thought and understanding than ever. But I also see that a lot of conversation and engagement is more detrimental, once I am past the need to accumulate so much information in life. I wonder if others experience this? I’m not sure I should reveal this; it’s valuable to me as thought and feeling, personal to me.”

I see this in many, many humans, Anila, and I am telling you this because I wish to provide confidence, comfort and knowingness that you are not alone in your quieter wisdom. Other older humans feel this too; experience greater cognizance instead of less. The only thing that dims that is fear, anxiety or beliefs that dementia is inevitable. You see, some of the ‘signs’ of dementia, the little things that have been assigned to that category, are simply wiser humans disconnecting from the noise of life. The problem is they are vulnerable to picking up subtle messages from the media, from the collective and others that they are ‘losing it’. But I am telling you right now, that is a place where many allow perspective to influence their own knowingness because they are isolated, alone, with no support for the perspective I am sharing with you now. This is very important, and I hope more people will know about this soon. I think that will happen, and this place of growing wisdom that you and I share now will be acknowledged and validated, valued. I am very pleased that this is the foundation we are rebuilding our life upon.

So, I suggest we embrace more enjoyment, each day! Enjoy every bite of every fantastic food you eat, and allow me the same privilege. We can try new things a little more often, but we may simply find new levels of appreciation for our old favorites. I want you to travel as much as you would like, but I’d like for you to have interesting humans be with me while you’re gone. I like a variety, you see. I am doing a longer study on humans, now. It is my great work.

I would like for you to think about what is your own great work, and do more of that. The process can be simple. Think of a small, well-fertilized pot of growing medium with some beneficial humidity and ample life - ideal for growing a great oak tree from an acorn. We can plant acorns at any age, and enjoy the excitement of new projects. The only thing we are too old for is a certain level of ridiculousness.

E: Max! I think that’s the wisest thing you’ve ever said! Too old for a certain level of ridiculousness…

M: Really? Or maybe not. (he sends me a grin energy) Yet I am proud of my insights, and pleased when they resonate.

E: So anything else that Anila can look to create in your life?

M: (he’s quiet, looks around) Yes. More music. Music makes humans powerful in a way that their spirit is…unsnuffable, their physical bodies are more resilient. They run less stress and more higher, joyful energies through the body. That allows the body to operate as a self-healing machine. So engage. More than you think is ok.

E: Thank you, Max. “Tina, the same question, what do you see that we can change for any of us to be even better?”

T: Max spoke of color. Color is another form of expression of vibrational frequency, equally influencing and healing, as music. What these two forms of expression share is an ability to evoke passion and raise energies that have long lain dormant from deep inside of you, and allow them to flow into your life. I suggest: Look at color more, use color more, allow color to come into your heart more. And you can do that any way that works for giving you delightful or intense passionate feelings!

E: “Max, you have a couple of physical issues. Do you want to tell us something?”

M: Thank you for not over-addressing my eye. The body expresses energy, but it is the last part of me or any physical being that expresses. Usually by the time my body expresses energy, I have worked out the original issue on an energetic level. However, the body is slow, and does not check its email very often (he sends a smile, his humor relaxing his body, now).

What happens when the body is lagging in processing energy, is that it can at times fester, throwing more systems out of balance, especially as we are a little older. My body is trying to recover and assimilate the energetic expansion of my brain that I spoke about earlier. But it is taking longer. It is a small source of discomfort at times - I do feel a little pressure. It is the inflammation that is a bit stuck in the process.

E: “You went out under the rain, and got back totally soaked, must have felt good to you, or you would have come before. Nature is so beautiful. The trees, the moon, the star, the clouds, the rain, the leaves. What takes your attention?.”

M: I feel Tina in the nature, more. She comes closer, sometimes, when she makes friends with the water element and rides in on the rain. Or she combines her music with the wind and suddenly my heart is lifted, the noise of her spirit is like an Earthquake in the air. Tina is very loud when she is having fun, her presence is stronger now.

And I feel myself in context, small, Max in a body, and then for a moment, huge, Max expanded into the sunlight and suddenly feeling as if I am everywhere, all over the earth in one moment, then back again. These are the experiences I want to share with you, and I want you to share yours with me. Sharing expands perception, you see.

E: What an amazing conversation today, the two of you, music, spirit, energy.

T: That is where Anila is going in her life, now. Another secret no one talks about is how this phase of life she is entering, can be a phase where humans are happiest, having dropped a lot of demands towards others for getting their own needs met, and understanding that they can meet all their needs through their own heart and spirit.

E: That makes me feel much calmer, more peace. Thank you. Anila begins to conclude today saying, “It is such a blessing to be in physical contact with Max and in spiritual contact with Tina.”

M: We feel very special that you know this, and live your life this way. We will keep our end of the bargain.


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