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Nature, Animals and Humans - Wild Ramblings with the Collective Voice of the Animals

I call to the Collective Voice of the Animals…

CoA: We are here, dear. (softness)

Elizabeth: Thank you. I receive you now.

C: And we have waited. We are what you know, let us present that. And, we open expansively now, to more. We invite all who work with you and engage the animals to sit with us as we connect and flow our offerings today.

E: First question: “I have a deep love for animals and nature, however, I am not a fan of 'nature' per se. I can't watch nature shows, it makes me sick seeing animals being hurt. And it's not even a human, it's just nature as each animal adapts to survive in its environment. Suffering or even death is REALLY difficult for me to understand. I find it soul-crushing to think of the cruelty that so many go through. Particularly the innocent. I would like to be at peace with this but struggle. Can you offer any insight?”

C: Yes. This is a different game than you are playing as a human. Understand that animals know that they are temporarily in a specific species body, and they are a part of the food chain, based in survival.

We will skip to how by becoming domestic they are completely shifting out of that, into a different game in life with humans. That is only beginning to evolve, and part of that is based upon humans shifting from 3 to 5D. Animals who elect to become human companions are very interested in riding this wave, and their role and agreement is to support the human in that shift. Part of your role and agreement is to SHOW humans how this works on behalf of animals.

But those who prefer to incarnate as wild animals, are playing a different game. Can you imagine living within a capacity of being able to opt out of the body consciously at any time? Animals do that. This is how they manage pain in ways that many humans cannot - they shift their consciousness mostly out of the body. The body has a brain that can operate without much connection to consciousness, and animals know how to use this more efficiently than humans - they are aware of that pathway. It is part of the overall animal game, and it is what the animal uses to leave the body either temporarily, or permanently when the body no longer is able to sustain itself reasonably.

Animals in the wild do not live half-lives. They either live or die. Isn’t that more fun? Domestic animals will hang on in a damaged body much longer in order to continue assisting their humans. Frequently, the human starts to focus much more attention on the animal, and comes into the present-time awareness of a more open learning state. The animal’s spirit sees opportunity to do what it came to do. Yet when humans shut down at this point in order to avoid pain, they leave more quickly as there is not as much opportunity.

So when you watch these nature films, what you in particular are feeling is twofold: You detest violence, as you in particular are a being of Hathor origin, who came to experience life with less involvement in music or sound frequencies as your prominent ray of creation. You think that is funny - who would choose that? One who had Mastered that Ray, you see. You are here to learn the nuance of texture in creation, and that is what fuels your extremely active curiosity.

Ohh, what is that, you ask? You see, you have relied upon using the 9th ray for so many lifetimes, on Earth as well as other places; that in order to come into greater balance, you lifted the hood of the car and reached into your reality creation engine, and disabled the 9th ray to match what most humans use with that. You became ‘average’ in your use of that in creating reality, so that you would be forced to discover other avenues of reality creation. So, in your quick desire to master whatever you come across, as is your nature, you fan your penetrating focus across many rays of creation. We use the word ‘texture’, to describe the degree of nuance you are interested in. Let us say ‘very’. You are VERY interested in how reality is created. This understanding is the balance you are seeking and one of the primary focuses of this life experience.

So you recoil at violence - when you watch any form of violence it affects you as if you were psychically experiencing it yourself. That, is texture. We suggest you not view violence.

Secondly, and partially due to how you set yourself up as described for reality creation exploration in this lifetime, you shy away from using your own strength and integrity, as full power. You vacate the CEO office of your own self, inviting others in to run the business of being you, for you. You defer to others’ power. Why do you do this? Mostly because you are unsure about how you create reality due to how new and even unfamiliar other rays of creation seem to you. However, your sense of commanding survives, because you cannot unknow how adept and ultimately powerful you are with using the 9th ray. “ I know that I know how to do this, but I just can’t find the right tool!”, is this sense. So your sense of autonomy and even leadership wavers, as you switch your foot from the gas to the brake. The absence of your ‘usual’ ability to use the 9th ray seems to you almost like a phantom reality-creation limb. In reality, or in this life experience, you actually have a ‘normal’ capacity, adjusted to match that of other humans.

So when you witness physical violence in nature, you know you could shift this in a minute, yet you can’t, right now. You feel powerless. But understand in terms of the experience the animal world is having without you, and that it is a wild animal experience; there is no emotional violence in nature. Consider that, what would it be like if there was no violent intent amongst humans in their physical violence with each other? What if human violence was only based on survival, with no violent 3D emotional intent? This is what hunting used to be, within the Native cultures, you see. There was no emotional violence involved; in fact there was great appreciation, honoring and respect of the animals taken for food, and that nourished the animals in their transition process, you see.

Please distribute this now, and we will return for the remaining discussion at a later time.

E: Thank you, I will.

Part Two

E: Hello

C: Good Day, welcome.

E: That is such a nice energy you provide…I have been feeling it all morning, especially with the sun. But I also have been experiencing an elevated sense of smell and complete intolerance of perfume, and it seems like everyone in NYC this am woke up and decided to wear perfume today. Is there anything you can say about this that would help me stay out of the pain of other people’s energies and actions bothering me?

C: Well there you are - your answer. When you become acutely impacted by other people’s energies, and you let it sit in your space without responding or consciously moving that energy out of your space - processing it in any way you wish. It grows in terms of an irritant and begins to attract more irritating energy. (I hear an angelic-infused chime with an ahem or cough) Like attracts like.

E: Oh, a failure to process.

C: Exactly! So you can simply do that, and not be as vulnerable to other pathways.

E: Ah, I didn’t see that as related until I started to ask you, and then I realized…yes, they’re related.

C: And what else, today?

E: From our same human querent, another question, related to the first: “There is an issue of survival in all this too. As humanity reaches towards abundance, being okay and accepted, old patterns of 'they're gonna get me' seem to be coming into question. Even those that are instinctually almost woven into the fabric of reality. I heard a rustling in some large brush and was afraid it was a large buck who I surprised, coming at me. Nothing happened, the animal moved on, but the sense of being attached or threatened was still there. Could you speak to the increased contrast of dealing with instincts vs the desire to have other options available? The large buck could have presented, then I could responded with hello, (which would have been so cool) to enjoy the exchange and then we each go about our ways?”

C: Did you ask it to present? Did you call the energy that you sense as a threat into your own space? You are correct in your assumption that this option is available, but there are a couple of reasons it is not as present in your reaction space as an option. Fear inhibits response, and creates reaction instead as you know.

One is this is your own energy, coming at you, that is unowned in the present by you. It is time for you to own more of your energy consciously, is an easy response when outside energy seems threatening in any way. You are not allowing yourself to be as fully empowered, or in your maximum alignment of strength and integrity, as is available to you.

More of this becomes available every day; imagine that more of the greater you is coming online. It is difficult for your rational mind to process this amount of energy, so an easier method is to trust that your heartmind can handle it, and just know that when unexpected opportunities, or scary things - your choice of label - present, you can choose to respond from your heart, and enjoy your autonomous position, merged with creativity. There lies the rub - you are not accustomed to merging these energies - you see them as separate. There is a permission element in terms of being as powerful in joy and creativity, as you are in a more masculine or linear authority position.

Secondly, you can choose and use this energy of empowerment to manage all situations. Fear operates in a theater of shadow play. You are very creative and love to entertain yourself with the full spectrum of what is available to you in your environment, and as you still partially exist in 3D, fear is a juicy player. You are having fun, with this, understand? You hide your own mastery and involvement in what you create, pull the bag tighter around your neck so that no light gets in, and OOOoo! I am scared! I am jumpy, I startle! That is delicious to you, in your higher beingness, you see.

Can you visit a haunted house for Halloween, and bring this fun out into the open? Or, engage in drama more directly, meme-style, or any sort of stage presence? If you take the option of using the 9th ray out of consideration, that will channel all of your energy into creative expression, which is why we suggest meme/silent acting.

E: Thank you - can we do at least one more?

C: Certainly. I answer specifically for the human asking, in this circumstance. If the question holds the answer, then that is a different configuration for each Being, you see. The answers are much more specific now, as humanity is becoming more conscious, period.

E: “I am curious about pain as well. In my efforts to understand struggle, I am also noticing how pain plays an interesting role in all of this. Two simple doctors visits in the last month for a simple cavity filling and easy blood draw, were actually quite painful. First, how do animals understand and cope with pain? How can I understand this differently? And how does this play out into what is occurring with humanity's shift?”

C: The question is about your experience of pain? We will answer from that place, and then go to the animals. You are somewhat outside of your body. Conversely as you might not expect, when a being holds its energy field slightly outside of the body, but NOT in the etheric body configuration, there is a pull, very similar to a gravitational force, of the body to the energy. The body knows it will die if that energy leaves, so it’s a survival-level force.

When you are afraid or anticipating pain, you tend to move slightly outside of your body. This is both a trauma-response from the past and a sensitivity, specific to you that we point to. So the body raises its notifications so that the pain impulses will reach you. Pain is a message that something is happening to the body, and it is a survival-level message as well. So even though you have moved outside of the body with your present attention-point focus, the pain feels worse, because the body is sending louder signals to get your attention.

This is why those who are able to relax do not feel as much pain. So now that you have seen this equation, you can decide how you might wish to set yourself up differently next time.

E: Okay, makes so much sense. Animal part? “How do animals understand and cope with pain?”

C: Well, first part is they do understand pain. Humans, not as much. Animals know that pain is a message system regarding the individual body - remember, animals are highly aware of their collective nature in terms of flock, herd, species, etc. Survival and flourishing of the species is number one, because there is no variance in their cycle of reincarnation - they simply move into another body, sharing space immediately, or incarnate into a newborn. It’s no bigger deal than you buying a new pair of shoes when your old ones wear out.

The mystery that humans engage in around this is part of their human game. To understand this most easily - the impact of this lack of information - imagine how different your life would be if you knew you could instantly step out of a body, and choose to step back in. Just imagine what your daily experience would be.

Perhaps you would be the queen of Chicken, Elizabeth? (the car-racing game from the 50s)

E: Haha probably - I probably would have stepped out a long time ago.

C: Yes. And what would you have missed? The nourishment to the Soul of what is gleaned in the later part of life is rare, you see. It is similar to the delicacy of the coffee beans from berries that have been ingested by animals, excreted, and harvested by humans from that excrement.

E: Ah, yes. That sounds so accurate. Some of the intense experiences that get ground into soul food are extremely challenging - what is that about staying present with them that you are showing me now?

C: In order for the Soul to make the most use of these intense experiences, it is important that you allow yourself to stay present with them in a neutral space until they are digested/transmuted and you are complete. That is true wisdom, and most humans can’t maintain that level of presence and neutrality until they are much older and forced to in one way or another.

So with animals and pain, they have a back door out. Many move into the collective energy field in times of pain; out of the body. If the body heals, some return. Most don’t. It is a bit different for domestic animals

because their humans usually unconsciously but constantly send them human programs around body health and pain and dying, you see. The unconscious human urge to view other species and other dimensions as carbon copies of a human experience is great.

E: Thank you - more later. I really like these somewhat rambling conversational connections.

C: We like what you like, as it is easier to convey, you see.

E: I do. Thank you!


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