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Tyche's Gift of Information

I have talked with Tyche for years..she is semi-feral kitty who came to live with her human mom from the outdoors. She has that far-reaching wisdom and integrity that comes from having one foot in the wild, and a growing connection with humans. Tyche was not feeling well when I connected with her, but she took the time to explain in a very interesting way the connection between stress and inflammation, unwellness in the cells.

C: Your mom told me a little about how she thinks this infection comes in. I was wondering what do you know about it? I think you’ve had trouble with your respiratory system a couple of times when I’ve talked to you. That’s a little more than coincidence.

T: (she shows me her ‘brother’ Tigertail immediately) He always has it. (She shows me she watches his energy field as much as his body) There was a time when I was a cat before this cat body, and I lived with a human who did many things, and I could see like she sees (auras), although I think she learned this from animals, don’t you? (she looks up at me sweetly, now)

C: I would imagine that whoever taught her did, or perhaps their teacher? However it was sourced by humans, that person was very close to the animal kingdom.

T: I see it in Tigertail (Tyche’s kitty friend), and he does not. He is not very smart, sometimes. Still, I do not mind him. If he were able to see the energy that comes with the virus (she is showing me colors), he would be able to step aside at times, and not let it into his body (she is showing me the difference between carrying something energetically, dormant in the cells, and allowing it to awaken, or not).

C: Tyche that’s very interesting. Are you able to side-step it becoming active in your own cells sometimes?

T: Yes. I can feel it coming and make my energy very still and it settles and is quiet. If I change my own energy, (she is showing me she goes to neutral in her thoughts and emotions), it stays quiet.

C: Ah, yes. What you are showing me is the opposite of stress, a stress-reaction, then?

T: (I showed her the anxiety, sense of urgency, impending threat). Some of that is fuel for ….(she shows me hunting, outdoors). But it needs to be turned off indoors.

C: Yes, I can see that.

T: Some like Tiger do not know how to turn it completely off.

C: Tyche, could you teach him?

T: If he would know it was possible, yes. But I do not think he does know that! I think he is…(she shows me a deadpan look)

C: Oblivious?

T: Yes. Sigh.

C: Tyche does that upset you?

T: Me? No. But I think if he were aware it would be upsetting to him. He wishes to be strong, smart, powerful. But he has little context.

C: Could you help him with that? In just small ways? It seems ironic that you have knowledge and ability and he could use some of that.

T: If my mom would tell him to listen to me, I might be able to (she shows me this).

C: I can relay that to her. Perhaps when you feel a little better?

T: Yes. Thank you. I am not unwilling (she sends she wants him to respect whatever she has to offer).

C: Tyche, your mom told me how a storm, a hurricane, came up this summer after there were some workers making noise in the house, and since the work was incomplete, water swirled into your room, into the house. Do you remember this?

T: Yes. (she shows me big eyes at this)

C: Did you feel anxious then?

T: Of course. The hunting feeling. Eat or be eaten.

C: How long did that feeling stay in your body?

T: (settles back down) Too long. (She looks very intently at me, and signals that she knows where my energy is going)

C: Your mom wondered if this affected your body in a way that allowed the virus to awaken and become active.

T: She is accurate.

C: Do you remember how long it took you to be calm in your body again? Where you could defend yourself from the virus?

T: (She is showing me several days, a week, 10 days)

C: That is a long time.

T: It is a skill that needs to be worked. There is a lot of knowledge stored in my cells. If you looked at the knowledge in Tiger’s cells, there would be a lot of space left over. (she is not being unkind; she just has a wealth of accumulated experience that he does not)

C: Tyche, not everyone has access to these vast stores of knowledge and experience while they’re consciously in a body. You do, or seem to.

T: I do. I am special.

And Tyche was so special. She released this body recently, but left us with information both on how some animals are able to manage viruses and other invaders on a cellular level, and also how stress is so impactful as a health hazard, and how long-lasting the effects can be.

All of this seems to apply to us as humans as well. Obviously we can minimize external sources of stress for our animals and ourselves as much as possible, but we can also benefit by maintaining an awareness and prioritizing a neutral or positive feeling, even simply intending this on a cellular level.

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