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Collective Voice of the Animals: The State of the Earth and How You Can Help

I recently connected with a Collective Voice of the Animals here on Earth in order to find out if there's anything we can do from afar to help those suffering from the fires in Australia...

There is. It's simple and anyone can do it.

I call to the Collective Voice of the Animals..

V: Hi, I am here and will serve today. (small, clear, youngish voice)

C: Hello, I have connected with you to offer assistance from humans to the animals, if they wish. Thank you for connecting today. Many humans are very upset about the state of the Earth right now, and especially the animals suffering in the fires of Australia.

V: Yes. (I hear tones signaling Angelic engagement) And we are here to assist you with that.

C: Thank you. Here is from my thinking about this last night:

“I understand the Earth is changing, and many of you are ‘going home’, but many of us humans are in anguish about seeing so many of you suffer in the Australian fires as you exit this planet now. Is there anything we humans can do to help you, who have helped us so much?”

V: Yes. Even if you cannot extinguish the fires, you can extinguish the hopelessness of your anguish. It is of no matter. What is done, is part of a process that continues and there is little you can do to alter the process.

What you can do, is alter the energy that accompanies the process of change.

You can change the energy flow that has been draining the Earth: The resistance to her, to her life forms, to her natural state. You can shift the disrespect. It is quite simple, perhaps too simple?

In order to establish respect, you must see her for the powerful being that she is. Allow that she is as conscious and intentional as you are, and that your overall interactions as humans with her have been carried out with almost a complete lack of communication and acknowledgement of her Beingness. How do you feel when you are ignored, unacknowledged, disrespected? How do you feel if you are treated as a non-being? This is what you can change, and we, the animals, began to engage you at a new level in order to shift this lack of knowingness on your part.

As we leave, many humans are stunned with their own emerging emotional and psychological needs for our well-being. This is somewhat new, the level of engagement. This has already been happening on an individual one-to-one level, and you are now experiencing it on a larger scale.

The reveal in your own psyche is that you can assist (they are showing me images of humans assisting animals injured and dislocated in the fires), and that you will; but moreover how much it matters to you.

Recognizing and honoring the depth of your own feelings and desires around this is the most impactful way that you can assist us.

You know that the animal kingdom uses the ‘100th Monkey Theory’ level of communication. Humans do too - they just don’t know it yet. So much of human misunderstanding is simply based on what humans don’t know, rather than an evil nature or ill will. The human race has been birthed into a level of forgetfulness, for a purpose. The animals, we are not. We know, and we attempt to assist you into knowingness on all levels.

Humans are beginning to wake up, and we are beginning to speak - more and more - with you.

Yes, you can help in practical ways however you can. You can focus your energy and resources on assistance, as you have it. But allowing how much you care, to be present in your own awareness, and to show it to others as well, is how best you can help. It is immense, your caring. There are undiscovered relationships and bonds between animals and humans that will come to light from this and other events. It is huge, and can shift the envelope, the surrounding story, of the Earth’s shift. The events may be similar, or same; but the meaning will be different, and that will change everything.

C: “We realize this is a gift from you to us as well - allowing us to assist you in any way.”

V: You are ready to receive this now, thank you for distributing it.

C: We are honored. Many of us understand a little bit about the overall patterns of events, but are extremely saddened that so many of you are leaving. And in a sense, that is what you are saying, from that feeling: Honoring how much your presence and well-being means to us, is how we can help you most.

V: Yes. Thank you. Is there anything else?

C: Only that we will proceed as asked - I know that many who read these words, will. Thank you. (Complete)

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