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Yogi gives advice on Corona Virus Disruption

Yogi begins, explaining who is with him today:

Yes of course we are all here. I have asked many who care for humans, many who care for you, my dear Kay, and you, our human Scribe; and also many who care for all those in between the You of two individuals, and the Many. We have come as one, and I can offer from myself, and from the One, as needed.

Yogi explains the Oneness that we are moving into touching through opportunity:

You see, we are all one. ALL. You do not have this conception of ALL, yet we do. Now, we have not experienced that, in the individual consciousness that I as your Yogi, holds. But there is an awareness of that as forming, so I, Yogi, know of it simply in a state of Forming. You know of it as a Word, not even the concept that it truly is. Yet, sometimes you begin to experience a sense of ALL - a slight sensation seeps into your awareness.

There is the Fear that is brought to the surface of human consciousness and magnified by the Corona virus that is circulating in your awareness, and that of your global population. As you open to that fear, as you try to keep it out or even suck it in out of panic or curiosity, you open more to a Oneness than you have in the past. Oh, there have been disasters and wars, but nothing is quite as unilateral except a type of dis-ease or invader spreading, as you are experiencing now. So, in a sense, you are experiencing an equality that is rare, in terms of vulnerability. And in that experience of equality, there exists little doors that open to a sense of ALL. Just little porthole type windows, little spy-holes, my dear humans. Take a peep. (He is eager, sends humor, and a sense of opportunity with it)

Carol Elizabeth: Yogi, the ‘eager dog’ faces you are sending with this serious message are hilarious. You usually do not send the funny earthly dog images as much anymore.

Y: It is an Earthly experience you are having, and therefore appropriate! Oh yes, there are many experiences you could have with this ‘situation’, and they are all available for your choosing, so we suggest you choose wisely. Pass on by the Fear, sitting there in great quantities on your grocery shelves, next to, well, sometimes we see NOTHING else. (he sends a lightness with these images of big-eyed dogs looking at empty pantries).

Look for something different, something that you do not expect to experience. You might as well! We can tell you that there is an aspect of boredom that is available once you prepare yourselves in whatever way you feel is best for you, and keeps you in a space of physical and mental comfort. Do that, we say - prepare to your level of comfort. Of course we do not urge you to go overboard or ignore situations; stay in balance, please.

But, in the space that is created by this Earthly experience, what can you look for, what can you create? What is unusual, here, what is lifting, what is unifying in a positive way? What propels you forward in joy, even in limited circumstances? Go there, my friends. Why not? You will not enjoy your space of fear, and it will provide no dividends that your common sense cannot, we promise you.

Now, we do know this is challenging to many of you.

C: It’s challenging to me, Yogi. I see what you’re saying; I also see that any sort of new prospective ‘dire’ situation can bring up whatever similar fears are left in the unconscious.

Y: Thank you for volunteering, Dear One. Yes, how do you best position yourself in the heart, when many around you are in fear? How?

C: Me?

Y: Yes.

C: Um, actually, talking to you, to animals, seeing that other humans are challenged as well, and offering whatever assistance I can. There - that makes me feel more heart-connected and better, it’s simple. Feeling like I’m doing what I came to do, here on Earth. So, I could say, carrying on.

Y: Yes, excellent. Do you see why we wanted you to suggest this?

C: Kinda - because I’m human, and I’m here?

Y: Yes. And it is simple. You do not have a complicated response, in that you have dispensed with many of your emotional complications.

C: Ha - I don’t feel like that, sometimes, Yogi - I am floored by what seems to come up at times, to be released - I jump at my old patterns surfacing like there are snakes on the floor! (I send him some humorous scenes)

Y: Yes you do. But even that, is a manner of dispensing. Not dispensing is when you ignore, suppress. Oh have some fun with your drama if you must, but lubricate your laughs so that what you are releasing slides on by.

C: Oh that’s a great image, thank you, Yogi!

Y: You are all competent, you humans, in dealing with whatever you have to, as long as you can step away from the fear as best you can. You are owners of your human hearts, something most of you take for granted as ‘standard equipment’, most of the time; unless there is a physical issue. So we simply remind that there is your Fallout Shelter: Your human heart. Go there, find your own surest path, mark it on a map if you need to - what takes you there?

C: Yogi, I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle any great message from you today, and the way you have suggested the simplest movement into the safety of heart feelings, is wonderfully easy to accept. Thank you.

Y: It is our pleasure. It is from the Oneness, to the Oneness. You are Oneness, regardless of your level of awareness. And we will tell you one more thing: Many who are watching would be so eager to experience what you are experiencing right now. These opportunities to discover more of who you are, in your physical life, are immense, and valued as such by outside observers. Value them yourselves, dear humans.

C: Thank you. May I go to Kay’s questions and messages now?

Yogi begins to address some of Kay’s questions, and again shares advice that applies to ALL

Y: We know it is not easy for you to allow a stillness. It seems uncomfortable to you, perhaps that you are not ‘moving forward’. We want to tell you that there is no hurry, you have ‘all the time in the world’. There is no deadline; there is nothing that has to be done, Kay. You actually planned much space in your life, to enjoy life. Are you doing that? If not, that is the only thing that is on your ‘to-do’ list. We know that you ‘know’ this in many spaces in your life, but we wish to emphasize this as an overall task, and really the only overall task. Now, you can DO anything you like! But we suggest that you remove the yoke of burden. You do not have to do anything, except, well, you don’t even HAVE to enjoy yourself, but we suggest that you give that a few tries.

Radical Enjoyment of Life

Now, we are going to talk a little more about this. How do you enjoy yourself? Make a list, perhaps? Now, another list, over a few days, weeks. How do you enjoy yourself, in ways that would not ‘qualify’ for the first list. For example, where do you find peace, without the yoke, yet judge the activity, or non-activity? What do you not do that you feel an ease within, that you perhaps used to do, but for one reason or another seems to have no purpose anymore? What seems ‘wasteful’? What seems ‘not like something I would do’? What do you not have permission to do, that you simply enjoy doing? What do you think you might like to do that you have never done?

We bring this subject to the table because we wish Radical Enjoyment of Life for you. Very radical, Kay. Locked-up-for-it-type of radical. (He sends bright humor) Now, we realize this is a little radical for a dog who talks to you in spirit through another human’s computer, but look at the comparative value of the channel vs. the suggestion. Radical is in the mix! So we want to try a little experiment, where as we have suggested this, we have given you permission to try your own experiments with our suggestions. Now, there, (he brushes his paws together in a sweeping motion), we are finished with our daring suggestions for now. We look forward to the results.

Kay later asked a general question about ‘Protection’...

Y: Well, Kay, hmm. (He is looking at his options on what to discuss). We will select a more advanced route of movement, with this, since your desire is to move away from energetic pollution, here.

It’s actually quite simple, but requires a leap in consciousness. You have lived through much change in your life, Kay. You have lived in times and circumstances that required you to step back, to hide, to protect yourself, in order to be safe. We have spoken to you previously about Isolation, which is an extreme form of this. You are not in those frequencies now, but the residuals of protection and hiding, to some extent, still occupy your space. Any undesired vibrations that interject themselves into your auric field, are attracted to frequencies that recognize them. All forms seek attention in order to grow. When you protect yourself against something, or step away or step back from something, you are acknowledging it. You give it attention. The best way to avoid these frequencies is to step out of duality, since they only exist in duality. If you can move towards oneness, towards your upper 4 dimensional and 5 dimensional experiences more, you will be giving them less time and space opportunities to invade your space, and you will be removing attractant.

Another way of putting it, is that the attention you inadvertently give to what you don’t want or fear, when you become concerned about protecting yourself from that; resonates as fear, and is the yummiest thing around for those types of unwanted energies. So, raise your frequencies and dispense with giving unwanted energies of any nature your attention through fear, is our best advice. We could go a more elementary route, but this one aligns with Truth.

C: Thank you. “I’m trying to not get swept into the mass panic with the virus....that is more severe for older adults....but I fall short a lot. Again, any thoughts/suggestions?”

Y: Same. The virus is attracted to fear. We believe that our advice for the general populace, combined with our personal assignment for you, will be your best options for staying out of the fear, and therefore the frequency range of the virus. If you do not resonate with it, you cannot entrain it in your body. If your resonance is high enough, it cannot live there. Now, please do not distribute this information out of context, as there is a large amount of fear and concern that is prohibitive to most humans’ ability to attain that high resonance, currently. We do not want to initiate self-blame. However, this is actually true of all ‘dis-ease’. If you are at ease, truly - and we mean in a manner few have experienced - that sort of ‘Ease’; you cannot be in ‘dis-ease’. If you are vibrating at a higher frequency that is out of duality, you cannot be in anything counter to ‘ease’.

C: It is interesting that you are bringing many of Kay’s questions, which are questions many might ask, into single points of focus, Yogi.

Y: We support these single points of focus as optimal for you in the present circumstances, and in, well, all circumstances really. But the timing is on point.

Worst Fears Exercise

C: Thank you for reminding us of that, in such an easy way, Yogi. Do you have any comments on the trajectory of any of the current events we are concerned about, the collective experience?

Y: We think your worst fears will not materialize. So think it, write it down, then draw a big red ‘x’ through it. Think your next worst fear, do the same. Keep going until you find yourself thinking, ‘oh, it really wouldn’t be so bad if that were the situation’….and then you find yourself thinking of a silver lining, a positive outcome. This is your turning point thought. If this exercise appeals to you, it can help you in your deepest fear places. It can get you to your own ‘neutral’, where positive outcomes balance negative outcomes. It is a nice crutch, very effective tool when none others are available.

C: Any predictions, Yogi?

Y: We will only suggest that this will be less intrusive and less time consuming than you think. You are in the pre-event fear stage, still. “Events usually have outcomes that are less dire than feared.” We are giving you a formula that raises vibrations here in this statement suggestion, that you can share with anyone. Humans can think and make decisions more clearly with less fear. The most probable course is not formed yet, or we would be more specific. It forms according to frequency, hence our focus, today.

And if you wish for a political change of leadership for the U.S….

C: “Do you have any way of predicting if the current president will be voted out in November?”

Y: Many think that he will not fulfill his term. He is looking for a quick exit. He only wishes to remain in the job to protect himself legally, to avoid ‘failure’, to feed his enormous appetite for the adulation of crowds. The job itself does not attract him; he does not like it at all. Do you see the equation, here?

C: It’s all ego construct.

Y: Yes. So imagine a graceful exit for him if you wish the most fluid and expedient release.

C: Ok, thank you. Again, you are telling us how to create something, or assist in its creation, rather than any prediction?

Y: Yes. I am.

And to me, this is the most empowering piece of Yogi’s perspective.

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