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Leo, Top Negotiator

Leo, a beautiful golden boy canine, had unfortunately experienced being prepped for surgery, waiting at the vets' office all day with no food or water since the night before, but then going home when the vet was unable to perform the surgery due to an emergency. This was no fun, and Leo was very upset. At this point in the conversation he'd already offered a couple of reasons why we should just forget about trying again with going to the vet:

C: So your moms told me that indeed you made friends with the people at the vet’s office, but that you were very relieved to go home, and your energy was very changed.

L: Yes. I was really afraid. The humans got more tense as more time passed. I was starting to wonder if I would come out alive, based on their anxiety.

C: I want to make sure you understand that their anxiety was about having to inconvenience you, and both your moms, with no results.

L: We got very good results; I went home with no harm done.

C: Leo are you being wryly funny now?

L: Kinda.

C: Good. I didn’t want to have to explain that again. But I do want you to know that the human anxiety you felt was the people at the vet understanding that it is difficult for you to have to go without food, then come to the vet and wait in the kennel all day. It’s a very different place of concern than thinking something bad was going to happen to you. You know that, right?

L: Well I do now.

C: So when we all go through this again, and it will be next Monday - after three nights, sundowns/sunups, from now.

L: Oh no.

C: Tell me what you’re feeling, Leo.

L: Like that’s not very far away.

C: Well everyone just wants to get it over with so you can rest and rejuvenate and really enjoy special attention from your moms while your body heals and refurbishes itself.

L: Can I just have all that without the vet visit?

C: Probably. But the vet visit is a very important part of it. They are really being smart about helping your body be healthy to the max, Leo.

L: I know. I’m just trying every angle. Maybe I’ll have an idea that works without the vet visit!

C: Well if you do, we’ll patent it and sell it. (I send him the energy and humor around that concept)

L: I’m very creative when I’m not being lazy. I think that’s leftover from being a cat before.

C: That’s a funny thought pattern you’re showing me.

L: I think about the differences in humans and dogs, and dogs and dogs, and cats too frequently. My body is very big and doglike, and I’m curious about why and how it’s so different from humans and cats, and even other dogs! Like, what if we all just had one body type?

C: That’s quite interesting thinking, Leo. I think about these interspecies differences a lot, and I have never thought that particular thought!

L: Then we’d all have to know each other by our hearts and minds. That would be the only thing to differentiate us, so we’d have to look at that. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?

C: I think it’s fascinating, and I will have to really consider that. Thank you for your inspiration, Leo.

L: Sure. Do I still have to go to the vet? I’m pretty smart, you see, and if I think maybe I don’t, then maybe that’s a very intelligent opinion worth considering?

C: You really think this is going to work, Leo? You are hysterical! I can’t stop laughing.

L: Well at least you’re getting a laugh out of it. I’m still looking for the amusement angle in it for me.

I sat for a moment taking in his perspective, thinking about the creativity that goes into our differences in form, physical expression, and how many of us judge or criticize our own bodies; nevermind the social prejudices towards others.

Eventually my conversation partner got comfortable enough to claim his natural authority and said, ‘Now tell me about this vet visit’

The human report was "Leo trotted into Vet's office this morning as if he owned the place...head up and ready to go”, and my heart was happy for him, his dignity and joy reaffirmed despite his fears.

And I am still thinking about how all of our differences are in one dogs mind, easily seen as simply creative distractions from the essence of who we really are, all species of physicality holding consciousness. A beautiful view through the eyes of a Golden.


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